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Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute at Maranatha Christian University

Confucius Institute at Maranatha Christian University, hosted by Hebei Normal University (HNU) and Maranatha Christian University, began to run on Ianuary, 18, 2011, aiming to develop Chinese education, introduce Chinese culture to abroad, and promote the education and cultural communication between China and Indonesia. The CI set up multilevel and multiple courses on Chinese and Chinese Culture, and held a series of influential cultural and academic activities. Its construct and development highlight in cultivating Chinese teachers in locality, opening Confucius Class to cultivate civil servants freely, and developing cooperation actively with local government agencies and social organizations, such as the Personnel Department and Education Department of West Java Province, Cimahi Government, West Java Chinese Education Cooperating Agency, Jakarta Chinese Education Cooperating Agency, Indonesia-Chinese Literature Club, Indonesia-Chinese Writers Association, which has achieved good social effects. After several year developments, the CI helps the university to promote its level of Chinese education and plays a full part in transmitting language and culture by proving services on culture and language, and holding various activities, such as establishing “Bandung Forum”, which helps to build a comprehensive cooperation between HNU and Maranatha Christian University.
On May 29, 2015, Liu Yandong, vice premier of the State Council, inspected the CI at Maranatha Christian University and made important instructions. She indicated that, “The CI hosted by normal university should have its own features and HNU should strive to make the CI at Maranatha Christian University become one of the best CIs.” The CI at Maranatha Christian University aims to become a high-level and distinctive CI and gradually develops into the Chinese Education Center, Chinese Teachers’ Training Center, Study & Research Center of Chinese Culture and Comprehensive Platform for Cultural Exchange between China and Indonesia in this area.

Basic Information of Confucius Institute

Location : Bandung
Cooperative Colleges : Forien Partner: Maranatha Christian University
                 Chinese Partner: Hebei Normal University
Time : Start-up Date: January, 18, 2011
Contact Information

Liaison: Yan Haoran
        Address: Maranatha Christian University Jalan Suria Sumantri 65 Bandung
        West Java Indonesia 40164, Indonesia
        Telephone: +62-81322478791
        Fax: +62-222015154
  Website :

Confucius Institute at New Mexico State University
In June, 2014, Dr. Daniel Howard,first vice president and provost of New Mexico State University, visited Hebei Normal University (HNU). From then on, HNU and Mexico State University started to cooperate and reached an agreement in educational exchange. Approved by Hanban, the CI firstly hosted by Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Technology and New Mexico State University received HNU as cooperative university to build the CI jointly in February, 2015. According to the deployment of Hanban, HNU began to participate in the CI’s construct work, and the First Trilateral Council Meeting will be held in HNU in December, 2016.

Basic Information of Confucius Institute

Location : Las Cruces, New Mexico
Cooperative Colleges : Forien Partner: New Mexico State University
        Chinese Partners: Shijiazhuang Vocational College of Technology, Hebei Normal University
  Time : Start-up Date: March, 13, 2007
Contact Information : Liaison: Elvira Hammond
        Address:History Department,New Mexico State University
P.O. Box: 30001, Las Cruces, NM88003-8001, USA
        Telephone: +1-5756467583
        Fax: +1-5056461517
  Website :

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