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CI Chinese Directors Working Conference 2015 Held in HNU
时间: 2015-11-14 08:08:00

Time: Dec. 14, 2015

On the afternoon of December 11, the Confucius Institute Chinese Directors Working Conference 2015 was held at the meeting room 301 of administration building in HNU. Vice president Dai Jianbing attended the meeting and listened to the work reports of Chinese directors in Confucius Institute. The responsible leaders from relevant offices and colleges and the Chinese directors in Confucius Institute also attended the meeting. The meeting was conducted by Xue Xianlin, the head of the International Cooperation Department.
During the meeting, three Chinese directors of Confucius Institute successively gave a report about the work of the year and the work plan for the next year. Yang Cuiying, the Chinese director of Confucius Institute in Ricardo Palma University in Peru, introduced the development situation, school characteristics, major activities implemented and a series of reform measures during the year. She put forward her thoughts about next year's work from the aspects of teaching quality, course setting, market development, facilities improvement and scientific research cooperation and analyzed the risks and questions existed in the construction of the Confucius Institutes in Peru. Ren Qiang, the Chinese director of Confucius Institute in New Mexico State University in America, said that in the condition that HNU had become the third party with the American Confucius Institute in New Mexico State University, which was approved by Hanban in February, 2015, the two universities would have more exchanges and cooperation. New Mexico State University would expand teaching program, strengthen system construction, carry out cultural activities and work hard to build the bridge for Chinese promotion and international exchanges and cooperation in the principle of "seeking improvement in stability" in the future. Qiao Jianzhen, the Chinese director of Confucius Institute in Catholic University of Rio in Brazil, briefly introduced their major work in teaching, cultural activities, reception, promotion and scholarships and exchanged her experience with participants in the construction of Confucius Institute. She said that the Portuguese-Chinese bilingual high school, co-built by HNU and Education Department of Rio State of Brazil, was currently developing well; the cooperation in Portuguese-Chinese translation major with White Castle Institute of Science and Technology of Portugal and Macao Polytechnic Institute was in active consultation; the application of co-building Confucius Institute with Fluminense Federal University of Brazil was under check. She hoped that in 2016, the Olympic year of Brazil, the teachers and students of HNU could actively participate in the activities carried out by Brazil. Yan Hao, the Chinese director of Matak Confucius Institute in Indonesia, submitted a written report.
Dai Jianbing affirmed three presidents' work in the construction of Confucius Institute and the exchanges and cooperation among schools. He stressed that the work of the Confucius Institute was important and related to the international development of HNU. Relevant departments and institutes must pay high attention to it, break the rigid thinking and actively plan for the internationalization of HNU. He hoped that each participant party could reflect their own work, learn from each other to get the helpful experience and measures for the future development and make some creation.
In the summary, Xue Xianlin pointed out that the role and function of the Confucius Institute was comprehensive. Firstly, from national perspective, the Confucius Institute shoulders the mission of promoting the Chinese language and disseminating the Chinese culture to the world with the implementation of national strategies. Secondly, from the school perspective, the Confucius Institute is a platform for disciplines and academic exchanges between Chinese schools and schools abroad. Thirdly, the Confucius Institute is an important channel for foreign students’ enrollment. Fourthly, on the base of the Confucius Institute, we have built research centers in Indonesia and Peru, which are a regional and national research base and personnel training base. Fifthly, the Confucius Institute should become an important way to train teachers and leaders with international vision. He hoped that all departments and offices should support the construction of Confucius Institutes to promote its internationalized level.

The meeting
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